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We understand choosing an attorney is an important decision. Many of our clients have never needed to hire an attorney and do not know where to begin. We believe accessibility, experience & compatibility are three important components to consider when choosing the right bankruptcy attorney. 

There are many situations where bankruptcy may be best option available to save your assets or prevent you from being in debt for many years. A few of the more common situations where bankruptcy is an appropriate option can be found in our Bankruptcy FAQ. Of course, each person, and his or her specific situation, is unique. You should consult with an attorney at The Carmichael Firm to discuss all of your options and alternatives. 

Ultimately, you should choose an attorney with whom you feel comfortable working with. Bankruptcy can be a difficult and often stressful process. You need an attorney who will treat you as an individual and not a number. We treat our clients with the dignity they deserve and see to it that the Court system does likewise. You need someone you can openly and candidly discuss your case with because your attorney needs to know as much as possible about you and your case in order to effectively represent you. At The Carmichael Firm, we pride ourselves on being good listeners and getting to know our clients. We know that most of our clients never dreamed that they would ever need to hire a bankruptcy attorney. We will help guide you through this difficult time in your life. 
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A pre-interview form is required to be filled out. To insure the accuracy of your information and help expedite the process, download our pre-interview form to bring to your consultation. 
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The Carmichael Firm handles virtually all aspects of bankruptcy, including both consumer and business Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.

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